Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders.

TinyGuru provides financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for kids 5 and up, all wrapped up in personal development to equip them with the tools and mindset they need to build an extraordinary life.

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Financial Literacy + Personal Development =

An entirely new type of learning

The earlier your kids learn about money, the bigger the advantage they have. This course covers financial literacy topics from money basics to saving to investments, but also builds the mindset needed to succeed.

Everything we teach is viewed through a lens of empowerment and confidence, and is created to build a million-dollar mindset. This gives kids more than just technical knowledge – it gives them the encouragement to take bold leaps, believe in themselves fully, and strive for an extraordinary life.

We focus on these key areas:

✔ Financial Literacy

✔ Self-Confidence

✔ Self-Respect

✔ Resiliency

✔ Critical Thinking

✔ Goal-Setting

Students will learn, interact, laugh, and challenge one another. Each week, new material will post along with a video. Sit alongside them or kick your feet up and leave them to it, up to you - we've got it covered!

We guarantee that they will finish as a more inspired, focused, and confident version of themselves - ready to take on the world.

Enrollment is intentionally very limited so we can focus on each child's individual development. This course is taught in three different age ranges, so we can cover each topic appropriately.

The overall outline is covered below, which is of course adjusted for our youngest tiny gurus: